Why I Founded 10x Psychology

3 min readMar 4, 2021
Peter Saville has grey hair and blue eyes, in this image he is smiling and there are blue and white squares overlapping his photo

After turning down offers to invest in other companies and projects, Professor Peter Saville decided to start 10x Psychology in the pursuit of further advances in the psychometric industry, despite the risk of not being able to once again reach and surpass his own highest standards. Peter is “going for the hat-trick!”, as he put it, and looks forward to making this his most successful endeavor. Besides, in football, tennis, rugby, or squash Peter is known to give the game his all, or else there is little point in playing at all. He applies the same competitive attitude and relentless dedication to his work and biggest love of all — psychology.

“I feel like I insult my opponent if I don’t try my best.”

Professor Saville’s opponent, in this case, is himself, as further developments in the field of psychometrics will compete against his previous work. This does not faze Peter as he passionately defends what he knows and remains refreshingly curious about topics outside of his remit of expertise. It is the perfect balance of knowledge and innovation which keeps Peter at the peak of his career and propels 10x Psychology into the lead for pioneering psychometric assessments.

“I could see how we could improve personality measurement by questionnaire still further — I could think of ways to do it even better and even quicker!”

Peter provided compelling enough evidence of this to persuade some of the top minds in the field to join his start-up and movement towards a new era of psychometric tools. The results of an initial study comparing this new personality measure to his previous ones (OPQ and Saville Wave), prove that his vision was achievable.

“… But the real turning point was when Oliver Anderson [CEO of 10x Psychology] came in with the radical idea of a dashboard.”

A completely original and novel idea: a place where all candidate reports and information, across personality, motivation and cognitive ability assessments are presented in one interactive dashboard. With endless applications from selection to development, to attraction and retention, across all sectors, not only has 10x Psychology developed the most powerful personality measures, but also the ultimate people analytics tool to host it. The interactive platform puts the power of development back into the hands of the individual, enabling staff to take charge of their own learning or be easily supported in their endeavors, by their manager and colleagues.

“I propose a paradigm shift from the old model of test and forget, to one of transparency, active use of the data and embedded validation.”

Peter Saville, Testing Times, 2020

Learning from mistakes of the past continues to be a personal driving force for Professor Saville. Over the course of his career he has striven for candidates to receive meaningful feedback and have access to their own results, for their valuable data to not be stuck in a drawer and forgotten about, and for psychologist-led sales and support. This is exactly what 10x is bringing to the table. 10x are paving the way for effective, easy to use feedback tools, developing as well as selecting individuals, understanding quality-of-hire to improve those hiring decisions, and having our psychologists on hand to answer your queries directly.

“The difference between average and exceptional is infinite — we can do things that others cannot”

Peter has established an ambitious team of trailblazers at 10x Psychology, who are improving people decisions through real-time insight.

We believed there was a better way and now we know there is a better way.




Founded by Professor Peter Saville, 10x Psychology significantly improves people performance in the workplace through insight, science and technology