Why 10x Predict?

2 min readMar 5, 2021
A woman looks at the 10x Predict dashboard on a pc, the dashboard is teal and white

What does ‘AI’ mean to you?

From empowering, to subjugating, opinions of AI vary according to whether they see technology as overtaking, or supporting people.

At 10x Psychology, we’ve developed a better way forward in people management and have harnessed a sub-category of AI; machine learning, in our endeavor to support and accelerate people performance.

Take a moment to think about what, in your teams specifically, constitutes as good performance?

What are the actual chances of hiring a truly exceptional performer? Why are some individuals considered top talent in one organization, but not in another?

Tackling these questions can be complicated. Although person-environment fit might be a good starting point, an authentic solution lies in reliably predicting how well a candidate would perform in your specific company.

Having previously worked as a HR Director, Oliver our CEO was inspired by these issues to create a means to fuel reliability and accuracy in talent acquisition — 10x Predict.

An ideal candidate for one organisation, might not be the best fit for another. To best enable every organisation to find their top talent, we’ve developed a tailored approach.

10x Predict combines machine learning with the latest data analysis techniques to enable you to make hiring decisions based on what good looks like in your organization

Using nearest neighbor analysis, 10x Predict samples your organization to identify the performance profile to compare your candidates against. This helps you to find an exceptional candidate for your organization.

You can see all this information in our dashboard, which uses a likelihood model to show each candidate’s potential performance for you. Though simple data visualizations we inform you of the best candidates to support your interview process. We do not, however, tell you who to hire. Our solution calculates who has the greatest chance of being the best. Ultimately the choice is still in the hands of the hiring manager — our aim is to augment, not automate, the hiring process. Our embedded insights and team of psychologists are also there to support you along the way.

The real elegance of this solution lies with the long-term predictive analytics. As the solution is fed more data over time, the results are honed to your team or company. 10x Predict can therefore give insight into what early development would be beneficial for new hires, as well as providing potential promotion rates and length of service. This additional layer of prediction does not form part of the hiring decision but provides extra intelligence for the onboarding process, increasing the likelihood of your new hire’s success. 10x Predict truly is the future of psychometrics.

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