Training Senior Management for the Future of Work

3 min readMay 27, 2021


As the business world begins to refashion what it means to work in the shadow of a pandemic, we address the impact that change has had on what it means to lead, and provide solutions that sustain agility.


Restructuring an organization in response to a pandemic means more than rethinking logistics — adapting to remote work and remote recruitment has abruptly expanded the breadth of skills that senior leaders, and their people have. In their 2021 HR report, Gartner communicate that 37% of HR leaders feel senior management are struggling to lead change. Furthermore, despite efforts in equalizing opportunities, 49% of organizations still lack any diversity at a leadership level.

Continuing to promote skill, and talent development within senior leadership in a changing world of work requires a proactive strategy that is flexible enough to wrap around day-to-day responsibilities. In this article we address how organizations can integrate leadership development throughout their teams to capitalize on diverse burgeoning talent, as well as suggest strategies for agility in leadership.

Creating Senior Leaders

Starting to identify your leaders can be a complex process that relies on various signals from feedback, performance and a willingness to exceed responsibilities. To translate these signals, a leader can essentially be identified via their personality in terms of their people skills, their competencies in terms of their current, and predicted performance, and their motivation, in terms of their specific drivers.

At 10x Psychology, we provide organizations with our industry leading psychometrics as part of our Solutions, empowering senior leaders with specific insights on the Personality, Motivations and Competencies of every individual across their teams. Using insights from 10x Predict, leaders can distinguish high performers and understand exactly what drives their motivation at work, as well as derive predictive information into their overall employee trajectory.

“1 in over 3 of Black employees intend to leave their current companies”
CoQual, Being Black in Corporate America

Enabling diverse groups within the workplace means carving out meaningful, representative spaces where they can communicate and establish their careers, away from bias.

Using valid, predictive insights to fuel the creation of new leaders is a powerful way to sustain development and growth and curb the loss of talent.

Training and Developing Senior Leaders

Sustaining organizational agility relies on sustaining growth and development across senior leadership. Leaders that understand the needs of their people are better prepared to react to industry changes and social issues in a way that is fast, impactful and most importantly stable.

“Agility is not incompatible with stability — quite the contrary. Agility requires stability for most companies.”
Aaron de Smet, McKinsey and Co

Leaders that can maintain an awareness of the core values that make up their company culture by listening to and understanding what drives the performance and motivation of their people at work are granted with a stable base from where they can adapt and meet change with resilience.

Built for development in this very context, 10x Optimize empowers senior leaders with the information they need from their people to drive representative transformation.

Whilst teams and the overall organization are ultimately enhanced with 10x Optimize, leaders aren’t left out of the equation; the toll of change and requirements for resilience are ultimately stressful — we recognize that for senior leaders to be their best, they need opportunities to grow and develop in the same way as their people.

Our coaching tool is informed by this, and delivered in bite-sized nudges that are tailored the specific areas where a senior leader might need support — from resilience, to their ability to communicate with their employees, our expert Psychologist-led team have designed our coaching model to meet the requirements of every person at work — from senior leaders, to aspiring managers.

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