The Employee Experience behind Business Transformation

4 min readMay 27, 2021


As the pandemic subsides and organizations begin to re-evaluate their strategies for operational excellence, maintaining a focus on employee wellbeing and development is more critical than ever before.


As we emerge from what has been a time of essential crisis, placing your people at the helm of shaping the narrative of your organization’s culture, response and business strategy is key in driving representative and meaningful growth.

At 10x Psychology, our industry leading psychometrics fuel powerful decision making in times of change by recognizing the personality, motivations and competencies of every individual across your business to support the mobilization and optimization of talent.

In doing so, we help organizations bolster their internal culture and understand how best to communicate, work alongside and develop their people — whilst providing employees themselves with the tools they need to meet their potential.

Creating the right Culture

Times of change can be a key opportunity for businesses to harness the power of their culture as a stable force for uniting and inspiring their people.

The right company culture should fuel innovation, collaboration and most integrally, a sense of belonging that can accelerate performance — to be concise, it should create psychological safety.

Psychological Safety refers to how comfortable your people feel to take risks and express their view — building your culture around it means tying together a meaningful employee experience with a productive and resilient organizational structure.

As Google’s landmark study in the field demonstrates, its effect can be incredible:

“Individuals on teams with higher psychological safety are less likely to leave Google, they’re more likely to harness the power of diverse ideas from their teammates, they bring in more revenue, and they’re rated as effective twice as often by executives.”
Google, 2016

Using psychometrics to support psychological safety can be an insightful, and effective way to understand the key drivers of performance for your people and align them with your business transformation.

Our learning and development Solution 10x Optimize combines the power of our industry-leading psychometrics and interactive visual dashboard with inbuilt nudges that encourage your people to foster more inclusive, and collaborative behaviours that can help stabilize the psychological safety of your organization.

Sustaining Leadership

Leaders have faced an inordinate amount of stress and pressure in authoring the changes and decisions needed to survive and thrive through the pandemic.

To fuel meaningful business transformations, leaders need to be receptive, empathetic and aware of the key motivators that enable their teams and people to feel supported — all technically emotionally draining activities.

The toll of not recognizing, and supporting this stress, can be critical for businesses — our analyses indicate the stress management distinguishes an exceptional, from an acceptable leader.
To support your leaders, 10x Optimize can provide nudges that improve resilience and conflict management to enhance and improve your employee relations throughout times of change.

“There is a greater need to help leadership and senior management realize that they’re not supposed to do all the jobs. It’s imperative they value their talent, not only for the purposes of retainment but to step aside and let them succeed at their jobs.”
McKinsey Business Review, 2018

Taking things further, 10x Predict provides leaders with a comprehensive oversight of their people in terms of their leadership potential to inform the recognition and re-allocation of talent to truly enhance operational excellence.

Fuel Inclusion and Improve Innovation

Promoting the voices, and the experiences of diverse talent without driving actionable changes in the structures and leadership of an organization is a common fault in diversity and inclusion strategies.

Diverse employees are statistically more likely to drive innovation and perform well; despite this, their career progression is often inhibited and overlooked to superficially minimize risk.

“The perception of lack of fluency of nonnative speakers can lead to subtle forms of discrimination, underevaluation of foreign employees’ competencies, and fewer career opportunities.”
Language Diversity, Non-native Accents, and their Consequences at the Workplace, 2018.

Providing diverse talent with the roles they deserve means understanding and acknowledging their abilities today, and potential tomorrow.

10x Predict delivers valid, predictive insights based on the personality, motivations and competencies of your people that summarize how their employee experience can be enhanced, and how their employee journey looks in your organization.

Equipped with thorough predictive insights on top of key information on what drives performance for your talent can empower your leadership to make its own transformation in its composition, and promotion of diverse individuals.

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