Supporting Leadership Potential with Predictive Analytics

4 min readJun 1, 2021


10x Predict supports your leaders to predict performance from the outset of the hiring journey, to reinforce and accelerate exceptional results from every new hire.

Discover a better way to enable succession and streamline employee development with 10x Predict.


Predictive analytics offer a way for organizations to minimize risk across the recruitment process by providing critical insights on predicted performance before hiring takes place. At 10x Psychology, we have developed 10x Predict to comprehensively streamline and improve recruitment, onboarding and predict career trajectories using our industry-leading psychometrics and dynamic visual dashboard to support leaders to make robust, reliable decisions.

In this article, we explore how 10x Predict can enable your leaders to identify and support leadership potential from the outset of the employee journey and secure hiring success every time.

Enhancing Engagement

“66% of companies invest in programs that aim to identify high-potential employees and help them advance, but only 24% of senior executives at those firms consider the programs to be a success.”
Harvard Business Review, 2016

Empowering high-potential employees to integrate and actualize their success extends past the initial process of identification. When it comes to establishing succession there’s a significant deficit reflected by Gartner’s 2020 HR Report, where researchers found that 45% of HR leaders struggle to develop effective mid-level leaders.

10x Predict harnesses the power of machine learning to understand how every candidate’s personality, motivations and competencies measure against your own people’s results — creating a holistic picture of how every candidate could perform, today and in the future within your teams specifically. Equipped with these insights, your leaders can inform not only the initial hiring of new talent, but shape onboarding and employee development plans that support an optimal employee journey.

Identifying and Developing Diverse Leaders

“Measuring skills relevant to success rather than convenient and readily available data, such as that available on CVs, is the best place to start to avoid considerable bias.”
Oliver Anderson, CEO

Figure 1 10x Predict, Candidate Order Widget

At 10x Psychology, we recognize that there are inherent biases within the recruitment process that disadvantage diverse groups and limit career succession. Recent controversies around the discriminatory nature of unreliable personality tests in particular highlight the importance of valid and accessible recruitment techniques.

Our candidate platform benefits from a range of accessibility features that are readily available to improve every candidate’s experience. Furthermore, our psychometric assessments themselves have been developed with neuro-diversity in mind with simple, single-barrelled questions and a seamless integrated option for leaders to enable extra time.

“Tackling diversity in leadership is a rising issue, with 49% of HR leaders across the U.K citing that their leadership benches are not diverse”
Gartner, 2021

Rather than depending on CVs or being influenced by the physical appearance of a candidate, 10x Predict offers the opportunity for your leaders to fairly assess every individual according to the specific skills and competencies that are critical for the role. Equipped with in-depth insights on the best ways to motivate and progress every candidate, leaders can create tailored, impactful development plans that make the most of high-potential talent.

Enabling Succession Planning

By showcasing the personality, motivations and competencies of every candidate, and comparing results to your own team, 10x Predict’s unique machine learning techniques equip leaders with a predicted employee journey, including insights on how best to promote exceptional performance.

Figure 2 10x Predict, Full Candidate Order and Profile Overview

Initiating the employee journey with an indepth understanding of how best to enable success helps overcome pitfalls in succession planning and capitalize on talent from the outset.

Accessing data via the interactive visual dashboard in real-time, your leaders can quickly compare candidates and effortlessly generate digital reports on predicted performance to shape conversations across the recruitment and onboarding process.

By gaining a holistic view of present, and future performance, 10x Predict empowers leaders and candidates alike with the insights they need to effectively translate potential, into success.

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