Repairing Skill-Gaps in a Changing World of Work

3 min readMay 27, 2021


As workplaces begin to consider what hybrid work might mean for them, set out a clear, impactful strategy to repair skill gaps and bolster your employee development with 10x Optimize.


Whilst digital transformation has equipped organizations with the processes and structures required to thrive in a remote working world, its rapid integration has abruptly redefined the skills their people need to keep up with a changing world of work.

10x Optimize is the tool your leaders need to uncover the skills that drive performance, deliver actionable coaching to foster impactful development and ultimately empower your people to sustain your organization’s success.

Enhancing Engagement

“When it comes to unlocking the potential of your workforce, engagement is really the Holy Grail.”
Harvard Business Review, 2016

Instilling engagement across your organization starts with recognizing and supporting your employees own motivations — both in terms of their role, and company culture to sustain performance.

Repairing skill-gaps is a key part of this as for an individual to feel truly attuned and engaged with the work they’re doing, they should first and foremostly feel that they have the skills they need to complete the task at hand.

For Gerwyn Davies, Senior Labour Market Advisor at CIPD, “by offering better quality jobs, employers will be in a better position to attract and retain the staff they need”. At 10x Psychology, we’ve developed 10x Optimize to not only spot skill-gaps, but provide employees and leaders alike with the tools they need to improve the quality of roles and repair skill shortages across their organization.

Using 10x Optimize, your leaders can foster a high-performance culture, where talent is recognized and reinforced and meaningful development opportunities are the norm — creating a conscious, impactful environment based on the personality, motivations and competencies of your people.

Tailoring Talent Development

Tailored talent development plans offer an opportunity to amplify the efficacy of traditional coaching, with meaningful content and goals that complement your employee’s work.

“We need to move away from this fragmented approach towards a much more strategic way of addressing soft skills gaps and development needs for all employees at all stages of the career lifecycle.”
CIPD, 2019

Equipped with our industry-leading psychometrics and intuitive visual dashboard, 10x Optimize offers your leaders a way to effectively and efficiently recognize exceptional performance, and support the development of every employee across your organization according to their Personality, Motivations and Competencies.

Using our bite-sized nudges, your employees can benefit from holistic coaching tailored to their role and specific requirements, enabling them to grow and establish their career on their own terms.

Capitalize on your Digital Transformation

“The returns from on-the-job learning have been increasing for a while now, because skill requirements are changing faster and becoming more job-specific, at the same time as workers staying longer in their jobs — the longest they’ve stayed in decades.”
Deloitte, 2019

According to Alex Fleming, region president of Northern Europe at Adecco, “The need for up/reskilling prospects and improved access to opportunity is only set to become more pertinent.” CIPD 2021

To navigate the future of work leaders need to recognize the impact of hybridity on their workforce, and establish a middle ground whereby both in-person, and flexible talent can benefit equally from talent development opportunities to maximize return and minimize talent turnover.

At 10x Psychology, our digital first Solutions equip organizations and their people with the tools they need to develop the skills they need in real time, based on every employee’s results from our industry-leading psychometric assessments.

By proactively recognizing and supporting talent, 10x Optimize provides your leaders with an opportunity to survey and understand the way skills are evolving within your organization and reskill fast to thrive through a changing world of work.

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